About Us

As Enda Tour, a leading sports tourism agency in Turkey, we have been organizing training camps, friendly competitions, races, and events for professional and amateur sports clubs of all levels with our expert staff since 1996. We collaborate with sports hotels that offer quality fields and professional facilities, ensuring the ideal accommodations for our clients. The turf football fields we provide are constructed according to FIFA and UEFA standards. The swimming pools and indoor halls also meet olympic standards and fulfill all requirements.

From the start of the camp to the return process, we offer all-inclusive and cost-effective packages that cater to all your desired services, including guide support and referee services. We provide a unique environment for the most efficient training sessions on Turkey's longest beaches, located in various regions across Turkey, particularly in the Mediterranean's temperate climate. Our aim is to help athletes prepare for the upcoming season, both in summer and winter. Additionally, we offer supplementary services to support training, such as fitness facilities, massage therapy, and swimming facilities. Our sports hotels prioritize providing fresh, light, and healthy meals for athletes. Furthermore, we provide services for airport, hotel, and field transfers, friendly matches, and various sports activities.

We take pride in offering the highest level of service from our professional crew to professional teams!

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